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Ethical Surrey is proud to announce that we are now looking for local contributors to write for us. We want to promote exciting content to our ever growing audience, whilst simultaneously helping local writers gain recognition.

What should I write?

It's really up to you. Anyone that knows Ethical Surrey will know that we generally produce articles discussing animal rights, environmental issues, politics and other similar themes. However, you're welcome to submit an outline based around any idea you like.

How much should I write?

Ideally an article should be comprised of approximately 1000 words. Use this as a guide but don't panic if your piece falls long or short of this. Quality really is better than quantity.

How should I submit my article?

Simply use the form below to submit an outline of what you are planning to write. This outline can be very brief, and relatively vague. It's mainly to help us understand what you intend to write about. Once our team responds (within 24 hours) you will be notified as to how to submit your completed article.