Vegan news network launches campaign on behalf of activists

On June 1st Dave Lewis and Lizzie Riordan will set off on a journey walking 750 miles around the UK in order to raise awareness of animal suffering and the global crisis of animal agriculture. This would be an epic challenge on its own, but is made even more so by the fact that Dave walks using crutches following a spinal injury.

During their walk Dave and Lizzie will visit a number of vigils at slaughterhouses across the country and hope to show the wider public what it is that vegans are fighting for. The walk is about more than just that though, as the pair hope to raise £10,000 to put towards starting a charity and helping a number of causes including the homeless, local communities and animal welfare.

The work that Dave and Lizzie have put into planning and promoting the walk has been nothing short of inspiring; having managed to build a solid level of support within the vegan community over just a few weeks. However, with the start date swiftly approaching it was becoming increasingly clear that more exposure was required.

Enter Vegan Global News – a rapidly growing Surrey based news network with followers all over the world.

As soon as the team at VGN heard about what Dave and Lizzie were planning, it became clear that they had to offer their help in building a bigger following for the walk.

In a recent discussion with Ethical Surrey, VGN founder Nick Bean explained: “Once we became aware of the magnitude of the task Dave and Lizzie were undertaking and their reasons for doing it, we decided to get involved and offer all the help and assistance we could. We are now coordinating and documenting the entire journey and helping where necessary with logistics.”

The first step in promoting the event was to create a name and recognisable brand, which the team at VGN worked closely with Dave and Lizzie to achieve. The new name “Walk For Hope” was launched soon after, along with a new website and a streamlined social media presence.

Most recently, the team at VGN travelled to Canterbury to meet up with Dave and Lizzie to record an interview with the pair and to help them get across to the public why they are undertaking such a mammoth challenge.

With the start date now just days away, and as Dave and Lizzie work to make the final arrangements, the team at VGN are promoting the event far and wide with support from across the country growing at an ever increasing rate. With promotional material in the works, celebrity endorsements and possibly even a film in production, Walk For Hope looks to be unlike anything that’s come before it.

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If you would like to find out more about Walk For Hope, or if you wish to support or donate to the cause, please visit:

The walk can also be followed on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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