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Jigsaw Trust: Inspired By Autism

Jigsaw Trust is a local charity based on Dunsfold Park in Surrey supporting children and adults with autism. Operating Jigsaw School for children aged 4-19 years and Jigsaw Plus for adults aged 18 and over. The aims of Jigsaw Trust are to improve the lives of those with autism and to promote a greater knowledge and understanding of the disorder. Founded on the principle of excellence through continual learning, the Trust aspires to provide the highest quality of education and lifelong learning possible.

Jigsaw, like most schools, teaches the National Curriculum. In addition, there is a focus on developing communication and life skills, providing a positive and fun learning experience for the pupils. The Jigsaw Plus Centre for Lifelong Learning provides opportunities for clients to explore various vocational, learning and wellbeing activities in a safe and supportive environment.

Jigsaw Trust’s professional approach to supporting individuals with autism comes through in every aspect of what they do. With 1-1 and small group teaching, Jigsaw School is able to ensure that each child is getting the necessary attention that they need to flourish. The adults in the Jigsaw Plus programme receive the same level of support, with a comprehensive curriculum focusing on a range of vital subjects divided into six main categories; key skills, independent living skills, personal development, improving well-being, vocational skills and creative & performing arts.

The charity aims to accelerate learning and promote the ability to learn in new ways, whilst simultaneously acquiring the necessary skills to learn independently through behavioural methods. Based upon the Applied Behaviour Analysis technique (ABA), Jigsaw provides comprehensive and highly individualised programmes which teach verbal, cognitive and social skills, thereby increasing independence. All of this is carried out by a highly-trained team of staff of the highest standards within this sphere of teaching and learning. In addition, Jigsaw Trust has one of the UK’s leading behavioural experts as its Director of Education and ABA Consultant; an active Governing Body and Board of Trustees, as well as eminent, visiting consultants in the field of ABA from Columbia University, New York and Nicholls State University, Louisiana.

Jigsaw Trust not only has as incredibly dedicated and highly-trained faculty, it also boasts an impressive set of facilities. The Tardis-like school building is modern, spacious and well-equipped; the colourful, art-filled walls create a fun and welcoming space that any child would be glad to spend their days in. Most impressive of all are the specialist rooms that provide fun, safe and calming environments for the pupils. The quality of the facilities on offer at Jigsaw are thanks in no small part to the kindness and generosity of trusts, foundations, local businesses and individuals without whom the charity would never have been able to afford such wonderful equipment. The fundraising never stops, however, as in order for Jigsaw Trust to continue providing their crucial services, the facilities must be continually added to and upgraded in a manner that tuition fees alone cannot manage.

Being able to provide pupils and clients with the right equipment to learn and develop skills is a vital component of what Jigsaw Trust does. It is for this reason that the importance of fundraising donations cannot be underestimated. Without them Jigsaw would not develop and expand to provide the range of resources and equipment that are so important for their pupils. Thanks to donations made in the past, the school has been able to add a sensory room, food tech room, early years sensory play area and a library among others.

Want to help?

There are so many ways you can get involved with Jigsaw Trust and help them make a difference in the lives of their service users.


One-off or regular donations are so important to Jigsaw Trust. Whether you are able to make a personal donation, organise a fundraiser or sponsor Jigsaw through your business, your donation will go so far towards providing quality resources for the pupils and clients. To find out more about making a donation, click here.


If you are unable to make a donation, what about giving some of your time to help Jigsaw Trust? There are ongoing opportunities to volunteer for Jigsaw, who are looking for enthusiastic and reliable volunteers to help across the charity. Out of pocket expenses will be paid. There is flexibility with working hours and days, however consistent commitment is required. To find out more about volunteering for Jigsaw Trust, click here.

Spread The Word

Another great way to help Jigsaw Trust is simply to spread the word! Follow their social media accounts and help by sharing their posts to your friends, family and/or followers.

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Other Ideas?

If you’ve got other great ideas about how to help, then click here to contact Jigsaw Trust.

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