Animal rights activists stage protest outside local abattoir

Animal rights activists gathered outside Newman’s Abbatoir in Farnborough this morning to hold a protest aimed at raising awareness of the plight of animals processed in this and other facilities nationwide.

The protest, organised by Farnborough Animal Vigils, saw activists from all over the country come together with a shared objective, and although police were in attendance the protest remained peaceful at all times.

As well as holding up placards conveying vegan messages, the group also intercepted the livestock transport vehicles arriving at the Sherborne Road facility and did what they could to comfort the animals before they were taken onto the property.

Over the course of the morning vehicles of various sizes brought pigs, cows, sheep and goats to the slaughterhouse; some from small holdings and others from larger commercial operations. At times when there were too many vehicles trying to enter the property, they were forced to wait in the small residential road where the slaughterhouse is located. This afforded the group time to view the animals inside the trucks and to speak with the farmers, some of whom were not even aware of the slaughter methods about to be used on their animals.

Whilst some farmers insisted that they do care about their livestock, others were remarkably indifferent, with one even laughing at a protester for pointing out that a cow under his care was in a poor physical condition.

Throughout the day a number of passing drivers showed their support for the protest. One passerby pulled over to ask for contact details so that she could join the movement in the future, having been inspired by what she had seen. This came as no surprise, since support for animal rights movements is growing at an exponential rate, and more people across the country are not only transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, but are adopting an active role at events such as these.

A protester holds a placard asking the drivers to stop for a few minutes.

This is no doubt positive news for the organisers of Farnborough Animal Vigils who explain on their Facebook page that their goal is to “inspire more people to be compassionate, go vegan and become more active in making the world a better place for animals.

A young pig looks out at the protesters.

Farnborough Animal Vigils are not alone in promoting their cause, as similar events are being organised across the country every week by a number of different groups. These vigils serve to show a part of the process that is usually hidden from the public and to expose the suffering caused to the animals involved. Even the smallest groups are gaining attention, and its becoming increasingly more difficult for the public to ignore the most inconvenient of truths: where their food is coming from, and the brutality involved in its production.

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