Habits of compassion at university and beyond

Heading off to university can be exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measure. There are lots of changes to get used to: having more independence, living away from home (maybe for the first time) and coping with your studies. With all of these things comes more responsibility and it certainly took me a little while to learn what this responsibility meant in terms of how I treat the planet and those with whom I share it. For many people university is the first time that they begin to see what part

Unwanted clothing: addressing a fashion crisis

Over the last decade, clothing has become the fastest growing stream of waste in the UK, where it now represents the fifth biggest environmental footprint of any industry. According to the European Recycling Company, around 2,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing and shoes are sent to landfill every day in the UK, which is roughly equivalent to one football pitch buried in 6 feet of ‘fast fashion’ every 12 hours. However, as much as 95% of discarded clothing can be reworn, upcycled, or recycled. If everyone made a few small changes we

The Virtual Vegan

Vegan, it’s the latest buzz word isn’t it? A fad diet for those who followed Atkins and/or declared themselves gluten-free a few months ago. Those who like to starve themselves for 2 days a week and consume only green smoothies, or for hippies of course. Not so. Well, not completely so anyway. I’m guilty of trying most new diets and fitness trends and then failing miserably when I get tired, hungry, depressed or demotivated. But veganism is different. It’s a movement. It’s about so much more than health and image.

Going greener: everyday ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history. Despite what some climate change deniers may say, experts in the field state that this trend is accelerating. Global warming caused by climate change is the biggest threat our planet and population faces at this time. Already we are witnessing the early stages of what could be an unimaginable future for our planet if not dealt with today. Even some of the more optimistic scientific predictions show a sharp increase in global