About Us

Ethical Surrey is a community based online magazine dedicated to promoting fairness, compassion and responsibility within our society. Focusing on this philosophy, we aim to raise awareness of the injustices within our society with the hope of contributing to a brighter future for all.

Our Core Values

We believe that exploitation, cruelty and oppression have no place within our society, whether the victims are human or non-human. This philosophy also extends to our natural environment which we seek to protect from the industries that threaten it.

Our primary goal is to draw attention to the plight of our planet, the animals that inhabit it, and the most vulnerable members of our society. In doing so we hope to raise awareness, encourage an active response, and change a few minds; in pursuit of a more compassionate society. Whether human or animal, the first step to helping those who need us most is to identify the cause of their suffering and to discuss it openly. This is something that we aim to do at Ethical Surrey, whether it's by discussing political issues, promoting a cruelty free lifestyle or simply sharing ideas for positive change.

Our Social Media

We share our content across several social media sites; mainly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our Facebook page is dedicated to sharing Ethical Surrey articles, as well as news stories from within our local community and further afield.

Our Twitter account not only features news and articles, but is also the place where we share our delicious recipes, and chat with our followers.

Our Instagram account is essentially a colourful celebration of Surrey, nature, animals and food!

Write For Us

All of the articles published by Ethical Surrey are written by members of our local community. This allows us to share unique content on a variety of interesting and important topics, whilst simultaneously helping local writers gain recognition for their work.

If you have an idea for an article and think it would suit Ethical Surrey, then simply hit the button and get in touch!

Want in on this?

Ethical Surrey is all about community and we'd love to hear from you. Whether it's to discuss something you've seen on our website, something that's going on in your area, or simply to provide feedback, we always love to chat!